Gina’s BBQ Xpress

Gina's BBQ Express 2

Gina’s BBQ Xpress in my opinion is now the king (or rather queen) of BBQ in Iligan City. Well, for me their BBQ is the best in town and last night (yep, last night Sept 18, 2013), me and Leia got invited for a taste test because they offered a number of new dishes on the menu. They also transferred to a new place which is just right in front of their old location (right across the street) and last night was their 2nd night opening.

Oh yeah, their pork barbeque is really super good plus their liempo (pork belly), pork chorizo, chicken pecho and grilled bangus is also a must try. Last night though was kind of a special night because they introduced two of the most favorite pinoy dishes that are especially good with beer (though I rarely drink even just a bottle these days) – Pork Sisig and Lechon Kawali. Yup these two are the new dishes on the menu plus the GBX fried chicken (fried chickens are everywhere) also.

Basically the three dishes were still on the testing stage so our (and other close friends) feedbacks were particularly important to improve their dishes. Oh, did I mention that Gina (the owner, hence the name) is actually a cousin of Leia? I guess not, so without further ado, here are the goods that filled my stomach to new width:

(btw, don’t mind my watermark – I’ll explain at the bottom of this post why it’s yobzleia 2012)

Gina's BBQ Express Food


The Classic Pork Barbeque and Gina’s Barbeque is perhaps the best in town.


Grilled Bangus – if you want to get a break from pork and chicken


Pork Chorizo – Nomnom!!!


Atchara – pickled unriped papaya which is my fave side dish for grilled dishes


GBX Fried Chicken – A bit more salt then this one is a winner too.


Lechon Kawali (Deep Fried Pork Belly) – best paired with Mang Tomas Sauce


Lechon Kawali – up close and personal


Fried Chicken – Everybody’s party staple


Pork Steak – with creamy gravy


Sizzling Pork Sisig – a Pinoy delicacy!!!


Isaw – grilled chicken intestine, our fave too! Yum!


Chop Suey – to balance the meaty diet, I love it!


Imagine all the food we had in that table… miracle!!!


from left to right – Mary (Gina’s younger sis), me, Leia, LJ and Gina

Gina's BBQ Express Deco

The subtle deco you’ll find in milky tea shops here surprisingly seems to compliment well with the overall interior design.

So there you have it, if you’re looking for some grilled dishes or barbeque to go with your beer or dinner then Gina’s BBQ Express would be the first place I would recommend you to check out. Oh and one more thing, I also enjoyed the cooler which is an orange juice with apple and mango tidbits.

You won’t miss Gina’s BBQ Xpress along Quezon Avenue Extension (road going to the Strip, City hall, City Hospital and Vmart) besides DTI.

For more information, you could Like their FB page at:


This post is not a backlog, but because it’s been like a year that I posted a blog about food/food joint, I totally FORGOT that I used my outdated watermark (yobzleia2012). Somehow it didn’t register, and I just realized my mistake when I was about to finish this blog. I thought of changing the watermarks, but it seems easier for me to write a note instead than take down all the photo uploads to change all the watermarks on each photos. Yup, I almost slapped my face. Argghhhhh! Oh well, I hope you enjoy my first food blogpost in a long time!


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A simple 2day post 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration

@ Little Miss Funnel Cake

Little Miss Funnel Cake

human heart nature
human heart nature


sweet leaf bubble tea cafe

sweet leaf bubble tea cafe

Sumo Sam

Sumo Sam

This was our post 2nd year anniversary (2day) celebration in our relationship and it’s just now I was able to post it. Will talk more about the place and food soon!

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Our 2nd Year Anniversary

Lately it’s been a bit difficult at home because I have to be like a one man army in the house. I’m literally alone in this 50′s era old house and I’ve been on my own like a year now. Today in our 2nd anniversary, we actually planned of going out of town, but because of the election we’re stuck here in Iligan and I’m here cooking food, cleaning the kitchen, the house, then feed the dogs later while working in my pc.
In other days, I do the laundry, pay utility bills and etc, buy groceries and stuff for the house, while I juggle this with my work and studying more stuff in the hopes of becoming a graphic animator for Marvel or Pixar (Chos!!) in the years to come God-willing… But I’m not complaining because I thank God for the awesome blessings that He has given me especially to my beautiful and wonderful Leia whose helping me in the house whenever she comes over, encouraging me in my dreams, reminding me that I’m a kickass guitar player, poet, pianist and comic book inker (Char!!!) rebuking me in my mistakes, watching out for my diet and health, scolding me for eating too much and most of all for loving me despite my obvious deficiency in height and punctuality at times, occasional bloopers, hearing problems over Skype, and “minuscule” forgetfulness.
This day is a special day for us and especially for me because not only I have found the woman that I love but because I know that I have been found (hehe) by the woman who truly loves me albeit my irresistable increasing roundness full of oozing cuteness. Most of all I thank the Lord for you Pengpeng!!! You finally found me! I congratulate you! Aw hehe … bitaw I love you so very much!!! Mwahh!! Mag diet na lagi ko (I’m really going to diet).. as in! XD Happy 24th monthsary/2nd year anniversary!!!

Photo on 5-13-13 at 8.14 PM Photo on 5-13-13 at 8.13 PM Photo on 5-13-13 at 8.14 PM #3

p.s. I am so blessed to have a wonderful, supportive, beautiful, faithful and loving girlfriend. She’s my best and awesome travel mate, my best eating buddy (though I’m the one who ends up getting rounder) and most of all my loving companion. I thank God for her and I am looking forward for our great future ahead… more places to travel, food to eat and more awesome adventures! I love you Peng! :* <(“) <3 <3 <3

p.s.s. I know I haven’t been blogging much lately because of work (I’m now a video editor and a motion graphic artist) but I will be back soon. I got so many backlogs but I believe I can catch up.

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Hello 2013! Hello Poetry Again!

Hello 2013!

I’ve been busy for the last couple of months even till now so I haven’t found the time yet to blog but I surely will blog again because my backlogs are piling like crazy.

I would like to greet this new year with a simple poem I wrote yesterday and posted it on my Facebook . I used to write lots of poems and have it all posted in my Facebook notes, but this year I would like to start posting it here. I’m also thinking of posting my old poems in this blog.

To be honest, I’m not even sure what kind of a style I have in my poems (free verse, prose?). I’m not really too technical about my poetry, I just simply right and express.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one.

Title: Why?

I looked at you

With a frozen stare

As cold and silent

Seconds envelops

The suspending air

My thoughts race

Like galloping horses

Driven by brave warriors

To their inevitable end


But within this strained

Unflinching eyes

A man is drowning

With questions

Burning like charcoals

Heaped at the crown

Of his head

Questions that did not exist

Till one fateful day

I saw you with someone else


Then silenced was interrupted

With a single question

Finally thrown into the air

Imagine the red sea

Splitting between us

I asked “why?”

One word, that can

Echo through a lifetime

Like a rod striking a rock

Yielding not water

But curdling blood

From a wounded heart


If it does not birth forth

An answer that can

Bring peace and rest

To this restless “why?”

Then it will be forever damned

Damned within this

Very mind and soul

Haunting each sleep

Bringing pain

To lovely memories

Of you and me


And then

You asked

For one last kiss

Which I did not obliged

Because it will

Feel more like

A thank you and goodbye

Merged into one final gesture

Of loveless torture


I will not allow you

To drive the final nail

So I walked away

While you chased behind

For that one last kiss

I thought…

Keep the nail

I already have two

On both hands

And a crown of thorns

In my head

Spare my feet

So I can walk away

And let my pain die in peace


I stared ahead

A future of uncertain worth

Leaving behind a

Worthless certainty

And then

As I crossed the street

A flash

In a split second

There was no more street


I stared again

Confused and shaken

There was no more street

What was once Shoppe 24

And a dusty street

With pixelated vehicles

And faceless kids

Across me

Is now a window

Without the misty

Glow of sweet sunrise

Kissing my face


A hospital?


Am I in heaven?

A heaven deserted?

Or is this Gehenna?

The accursed place

Outside Jerusalem

That turns out to be

A nice garden for picnic


Where am I?

I realized

I’m still wrapped in an

Old blanket sheet

Instead of strips linen

Soaked in spices

Protecting me

From the post Chrismtas Season

And New Year’s Eve

Cold spells


I mindlessly rose up

From my bed

And walked

Like coming out

From a stone tomb

Like an automated


Obeying the commands

Of a bladder in full


Then I realized

I had a journey

That exists when our eyes

Move rapidly

Like jumbled neutrons

Electrons and protons

In a billiard table

Creating a vortex

Fertile for the alternate dimension

To thrive and bring

Temporal bliss or despair


Maybe the sandman

Lost to the boogeyman

In a game of chess

Still the word “why?”

Lingered like a souvenir

I brought from that

Alternate heartbreaking dimension

I went back to my bed

Wondering “why?”


After almost an hour

Of fruitless pondering

I slipped again

Into the vortex

And found myself

With you beside me

In a foreign land

Smiling happily

My heart


Our love


A world

where the word

“Why?” exist

Not between us

But outside us

Staring at us

Chasing at us

But never conquering us

Then I knew


This is the alternate dimension

I would like to permanently bring

For you and me




p.s. today is our 20th monthsary so me and Leia will be having a simple date later. Thank God for an awesome year ahead!

Happy New Year!

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Typhoon Bopha/Pablo

Last year, we were devastated by tropical storm Washi/Sendong. Now, at exactly the same month, this massive monster is heading our way a couple of hours from now. This one is way bigger than Sendong and this is a full blown category 3 typhoon!

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December 3, 2012 · 3:41 pm

Rizal Park 2012

Here we were at Rizal Park when we were in Manila last month. This was before we went to Manila Ocean Park which is just right across Rizal Park or colloquially called Luneta, Luneta Park. Rizal Park is a perfect place to unwind, great for family picnics and get into a friendly duel with fellow Escrimadors early in the morning, if you are an Escrima practitioner.

It has a rich history from the execution of Jose Rizal (Philippine national hero), declaration of independence from American rule to the political rallies of both Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino. The latter sparked the EDSA revolution that toppled the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

Rizal Park is located along Manila Bay and it is also adjacent to the old walled city of Manila called Intramuros. Quirino Grandstand is also right across Rizal Park where Manila Ocean Park is also situated.

Jose Rizal Monument back

La Madre Filipina

DSC_0063 wm

Jose Rizal Monument front

Philippine Flag Pole (at 351 feet is the tallest standing flag pole in the nation)

Part of Roxas Boulevard

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Eric and Enna’s Wedding 10-19-2012

Enna’s my friend since we were 5 years old. She’s been one of my closest friends whom I could confide to whenever I get depressed about something. Yes, we’re like siblings from a different parents. I’m also close to her parents and her siblings as well. Finally her day has come and she tied the knot with her first love Eric (I call him Michael) who is also my high-school barkada (circle of friends) or clique.

The wedding is simple but super elegant and their vows are tearjerkers “sniff.” Congratulations to both Eric and Enna Cue!

So these are my photo-shots of the wedding. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a single decent photo of the newly weds during the wedding ceremony and reception because I’m not the official photographer and wedding shots are so hard. Wedding photographers are really skilled shutterbugs. I also didn’t want to annoy or disturb the official photographers with my flash so I took photos with the newly weds without a flash, but the results were blurry.

Leia, Chaychay, Odet, Junjun and Nanat

Leia and me. <3 <3 <3

The Bosses Bam and Master Poh! lol

The newly weds with close friends from high-school and work after the wedding.

The wedding was held at Xavier Estate’s Sports and Country Club, Cagayan de Oro City 9000. The place is really nice and the food was great, but the desserts were super amazing! It didn’t took long before all the dessert disappeared.

Congrats again to Eric and Enna!

p.s. for the first time I didn’t do much editing or post processing on most of the photos here especially my food shots. I just left it as it is straight from the camera. I’m starting to love photos with less to no editing at all especially on food.

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