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Wish You Were Here – in Iligan City

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Address: Circumferential Rd 3, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Open today · 3PM–12AM
p.s. They have a new branch within the city at the former cinema theatre Plaza Cinema (just above FK Mart) – Address: Aguinaldo Ext, Iligan City
I will be posting Instagram photos on their city branch sometime.

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Gina’s BBQ Xpress

Gina's BBQ Express 2

Gina’s BBQ Xpress in my opinion is now the king (or rather queen) of BBQ in Iligan City. Well, for me their BBQ is the best in town and last night (yep, last night Sept 18, 2013), me and Leia got invited for a taste test because they offered a number of new dishes on the menu. They also transferred to a new place which is just right in front of their old location (right across the street) and last night was their 2nd night opening.

Oh yeah, their pork barbeque is really super good plus their liempo (pork belly), pork chorizo, chicken pecho and grilled bangus is also a must try. Last night though was kind of a special night because they introduced two of the most favorite pinoy dishes that are especially good with beer (though I rarely drink even just a bottle these days) – Pork Sisig and Lechon Kawali. Yup these two are the new dishes on the menu plus the GBX fried chicken (fried chickens are everywhere) also.

Basically the three dishes were still on the testing stage so our (and other close friends) feedbacks were particularly important to improve their dishes. Oh, did I mention that Gina (the owner, hence the name) is actually a cousin of Leia? I guess not, so without further ado, here are the goods that filled my stomach to new width:

(btw, don’t mind my watermark – I’ll explain at the bottom of this post why it’s yobzleia 2012)

Gina's BBQ Express Food


The Classic Pork Barbeque and Gina’s Barbeque is perhaps the best in town.


Grilled Bangus – if you want to get a break from pork and chicken


Pork Chorizo – Nomnom!!!


Atchara – pickled unriped papaya which is my fave side dish for grilled dishes


GBX Fried Chicken – A bit more salt then this one is a winner too.


Lechon Kawali (Deep Fried Pork Belly) – best paired with Mang Tomas Sauce


Lechon Kawali – up close and personal


Fried Chicken – Everybody’s party staple


Pork Steak – with creamy gravy


Sizzling Pork Sisig – a Pinoy delicacy!!!


Isaw – grilled chicken intestine, our fave too! Yum!


Chop Suey – to balance the meaty diet, I love it!


Imagine all the food we had in that table… miracle!!!


from left to right – Mary (Gina’s younger sis), me, Leia, LJ and Gina

Gina's BBQ Express Deco

The subtle deco you’ll find in milky tea shops here surprisingly seems to compliment well with the overall interior design.

So there you have it, if you’re looking for some grilled dishes or barbeque to go with your beer or dinner then Gina’s BBQ Express would be the first place I would recommend you to check out. Oh and one more thing, I also enjoyed the cooler which is an orange juice with apple and mango tidbits.

You won’t miss Gina’s BBQ Xpress along Quezon Avenue Extension (road going to the Strip, City hall, City Hospital and Vmart) besides DTI.

For more information, you could Like their FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/GINASBBQXPRESS


This post is not a backlog, but because it’s been like a year that I posted a blog about food/food joint, I totally FORGOT that I used my outdated watermark (yobzleia2012). Somehow it didn’t register, and I just realized my mistake when I was about to finish this blog. I thought of changing the watermarks, but it seems easier for me to write a note instead than take down all the photo uploads to change all the watermarks on each photos. Yup, I almost slapped my face. Argghhhhh! Oh well, I hope you enjoy my first food blogpost in a long time!


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The Awesome Grilled Pork Belly of Papa Mai’s Grill

Grilled pork belly or “liempo” in the vernacular (the word liempo is actually Chinese in origin) is one dish that everybody here in Iligan City would want to covet … by hook or by crook. Seriously its a favorite Filipino dish that goes perfect with rice, Ceviche or Kinilaw (in our own native tongue), or other Filipino dishes, a bottle of 1.5 liter coke or some really smoking cold beer.

Now enter Papa Mai’s Liempo! One of the best if not the best grilled pork belly in town located within Pasillo beside Palao’s Shoppe 24 or the Strip at Palao (map here) Iligan City. My girlfriend Leia already blogged about Papa Mai’s so here’s my “behind the scenes” photos of her Papa Mai’s Grill blog post.

The "it used to be hard to reach location" Papa Mai's Grill is now easily accessible. Hallelujah!!!

So here's the grilled pork belly in sizzling action. ^_^

The ever immortalized presence of soy sauce, vinegar, minced or chopped onions, calamansi (not seen), siling labuyo (small, slender chili peppers) and rice. These stuff are perfect for all Filipino dishes. *drool*

Here's the chopped grilled pork belly ready for feasting. That's just one plate of many plates. One for each.

Yep! ready to attack! Yeah!!!

Here's the rest of the gang that day. Leia's IT friends and batchmates.

If you want to know more then you can read Leia’s blog post about Papa Mai’s Grill here so please check it out and enjoy!

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