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From Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Felicity Den


Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA is the largest airport in the Philippines. It is one of the busiest airports in Asia with over 29.5 million passenger traffic in 2011 alone. Okay let’s cut the wiki sounding section and get on with our experience in NAIA.

Luggage Handling:

It was not my first time in Manila so obviously not my first time as well in NAIA, but it was my first time to experience NAIA’s incompetent luggage handling. Leia’s cute mickey mouse trolley case was badly scratched and a small area got its laminated portion ripped off despite the FRAGILE sticker.

FRAGILE? Just drag it!

Yep, its fragile alright.

Poor Mickey. >_<

So okay, word of advice – if you have a cute precious suitcase that’s worth like a smart phone, don’t bring it to NAIA or it’ll get trashed. I don’t know if it’s the NAIA personnel or Cebu Pacific Airlines Personnel (which I think it is Cebu Pacs people), but yeah, they’ll just throw and drag your precious luggage like it’s a garbage bin.

Here’s NAIA Terminal 3 on our arrival:

Looks squeaky clean.

We’re still smiling until we discovered the damaged trolley case.

Felicity Den at CityLand Shaw Tower in Shaw Boulevard

From NAIA to Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City didn’t took 1 hour despite the horror traffic stories you’ll hear about Manila. Just take the C-5 route going to Mandaluyong area and you can have your blood pressure maintain in optimum levels.

We took the regular taxi instead of the airport yellow taxis which is more expensive. A close friend of mine once took the yellow one – NAIA to Pasay Ermita = P800 and Pasay is way super near than Shaw boulevard. The regular taxi we took – P220 from NAIA to Shaw Tower.

Thanks to Rodney Cue for telling us to get the regular taxi instead. Still, you need to be more vigilant with regular taxi’s because they might tour you around in circles to bill you more.

If you’re in a hurry and you have the extra dough, then go for the yellow taxis, but if you’re fine, just get the regular white ones. Make sure you don’t look like a lost gazelle (5. know your map – previous post).

Felicity Den:

The room or rather the condo pad is really nice, cozy and neat! It is a small pad with one room, kitchen, bar, a bathroom and a spacious living room. However, Lulu converted the living room into a guest room which makes it a one big room with everything in it.

Yes, we have everything we need except for the internet but I have a smart bro stick (which I wasn’t able to use). The room doesn’t have an outside view of the city, but it has windows just in case your wondering.


Shaw Tower (Felicity Den) is located along where St. Francis (street) and Shaw Boulevard meet. Shaw Tower is just beside Shangri-la Plaza Mall and the MRT-3 Shaw Boulevard Station is just a walking distance from the Shaw Tower. What’s even cooler, Star Mall which is just across Shangri-La is where
MMDA EDSA Starmall- Shaw Bus Terminal Southbound‎ is situated.

Just click on the highlighted names above to see it on Google map.

If you need some groceries for the duration of your vacation then you got Shangri-La to cater your needs. If you want to go nearby cities and want to avoid the traffic then you got the MRT Station besides Shangri-La. If you’re planning to go Tagaytay and see Taal Volcano, right across Shangri-La is the Star Mall Shaw Bus Terminal Southbound. Perfect!



NAIA’s  only glitch so far is their luggage handling. I don’t know if they’re treating your luggage with dignity and respect. Maybe because of the rush hour they don’t have time for gentleness, but I believe they can improve and not treat your stuff like a sack of rice.

Lulu’s Felicity Den

Lulu was a lifesaver and a pocket saver! Her place is way cheaper, but way better than most above average hotels in terms of room accommodation and location. Lulu also gave us helpful tips plus an MRT/LRT map to guide us with the railway transit.

Fine, hotels may offer you a bathtub, a swimming pool and a restaurant, but can you have a whole kitchen with great stuff plus a stationary bike for more than half the price of average hotel room rates in Manila? Whew, that’s a long sentence. It doesn’t mean that hotels are bad, but if you’re on a budget like we do or you just want to save more, Lulu’s place is more than a bang for the buck!

Thanks to Lulu Saldivar and also to JMson Calalang for hooking us up with Lulu.

Here’s Lulu’s Place: https://www.facebook.com/FelicityDen


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Iloilo City 2011 Day 1

Of all the places that I’ve been to, Iloilo City is perhaps one of those places on Earth that truly prides with their eclectic ambrosial food and divine cooking  prowess.

Every restaurant or food joint we dined, the food were “oh my gosh is this for real?” kind of awesomeness that it takes a few minutes for us to pull down our thoughts from touching the sky due to sensory orgasm.

Yes, Ilonggo food are that insanely “full of awe” good it’s so surreal it short circuits our faces to a silly smile of “I can die now” satisfaction.

Last year, it was a joy for me to finally bring my girlfriend to Iloilo City; the Land of Lapaz Batchoy, Pancit Molo, Biscocho, seafood.. heck, every darn great Ilonggo food  found in the Visayas Islands.

My girlfriend was the main reason why I became a food junkie plus the extra 25lbs of goodness I carry in my love belly. Before she came to Iloilo, she was pretty so and so whenever I told her about the legendary Ilonggo food.

The only way to convince the most discriminating food lover I’ve ever known is to bring her and let her have a bite to dispel any heretic skepticism that’s been clouding her from seeing the light.

So we finally decided to crank up our plans to reality and hit our shoes to explore the Panay Island for more than a week. So our first stop was Iloilo City:

First Day: 

Yep, were flying high on our way to Iloilo City.

Touchdown Iloilo City!

Now our first stop: Lapaz Batchoy and Etude house at SM City.

Ted's Old timer's Lapaz Batchoy.

Two extra super please. ^_^

Batchoy paired with four small puto. That's how you do it. ^_^ (Thanks to Amor Legara for the correction on the puto numbers. hehe)

By hook or by crook, my girlfriend had to visit this place. She's gaga for Korean cosmetics.

Exploring the streets of Iloilo City via a two pair of sneakers:

Going for a photo walk.

My girlfriend ramping along Diversion Road, Manduriao, Iloilo City. ^_^

That road is probably going to the old Manduriao Airport.

Near the entrance of Smallville; it's a place where they cram up all the bars, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, call centers, and so on in one place. Well, it's not exactly crammed like the place is tight because in reality its like a pretty wide and spacious subdivision.

The immortal sunset.

An enchanting view as the sun finally bids farewell to sleep.

Car and street lights bokeh special.

Dinner at Smallville’s Grillers Oysters House.

We met David and his wife Amor on our first night and they treated us on an awesome mouth watering goodness at Griller’s Oyster house. David is one of my closest friends in Iloilo when I was still studying in Iloilo more than a decade ago. Wow, saying that makes me feel so old. Thanks for the treat bro! *Bromance*

Hmm... ^_^

Steamed Oysters or famously called by our native tongue as "Talaba." It is then dipped on sweet vinegar. Nomnom!!

Some nice fried chicken to with the oysters.

Throwing in some Chinese Pancit Guisado in the mix. ^_^

Baked Talaba (Oysters) with cheese. This one tops the night because my girlfriend smiled and almost cried while eating this Ilonggo delicacy!

That balloon your seeing just came out of nowhere. I guess that’s the casualty of having a good food in front of you. My girlfriend is blessed for being impervious to such casualties of gluttony.

My girlfriend became a believer of Iloilo’s food delight that night, but little did she know it was just a tiny speck of what was to come.

It was like a tip of the iceberg or a single note of Handel’s climatic “Hallelujah” chorus and the cherries on top were yet to be served.

After that one hefty honest to goodness dinner, we went back to Centennial Hotel and slept with a silly smile on our faces.

That concludes our day 1 so there you have it.

By the way, here’s my girlfriend’s take on our first day: http://reiyakhu.tumblr.com/post/14867433170/in-transit-teaser-iloilo

Day 2: Next Post! ^_^

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