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Ultrawinds Mountain Resort

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Gerarda’s Family Restaurant is one of Bohol’s well known restaurant that serve really good Filipino cuisine. When we went there, it was almost jam-packed with people. I can imagine it is a great place to bring your family for a dinner or with your fellow officemates for some satisfying lunch on a weekends. This is where we decided to take our small dinner (I’m trying to lose weight lol) for the night and we ordered one of their popular best sellers which is the Dinakdakan, a grilled and chopped pork belly with spices and coconut milk. We paired it with the always appetizing chicken chicharon (deep fried chicken skin cracklings) for a simply perfect Pinoy combo dish.

Address: 30 J.S Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City, 6300, Bohol, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Phone:(038) 412 3044

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Dinner at Centrio’s Italiannis

This is a super duper short blog. We had dinner at Centrio’s Italiannis resto in CDO just less than hr before watching Allison Harvard’s Style Origin show (or so i think). It was a good day to unwind the stressful week.


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Typhoon Bopha/Pablo

Last year, we were devastated by tropical storm Washi/Sendong. Now, at exactly the same month, this massive monster is heading our way a couple of hours from now. This one is way bigger than Sendong and this is a full blown category 3 typhoon!

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December 3, 2012 · 3:41 pm

Yoh Froze and Pepper Lunch

So it’s been more than two weeks since my last post. My super duper hectic schedule is keeping me from blogging. I still have to run after this post so I better make this quick or I’ll be lumped with more backlogs later on. Heck, I already got a lot of backlogs in the first place.

So let’s rewind the clock when we were still in Manila.

Before we actually hit the railway tracks to Intramuros, we passed by at Rustan’s Shangri-La Mall to buy some bottled water. If you’re planning to go hiking in the concrete jungle of Manila, arm yourself first with water because the sweltering humidity can render you senseless.

Before Intramuros: Yoh Froz!

Okay, so as we passed by their grocery section, our eyes laid on to something or more like froze with Yoh Froze. Perhaps it’s nothing special for the locals, but for us promdi’s (people from the province), it sure did piqued our curiosity.

It’s really good, healthy, not too sweet and tasted just right in my palette, but nothing monumental. Still, this can give you a moment of serenity and by the way, this is not an ice cream – it’s “frozen” yoghurt for those who don’t know. This is more fun than plain o’l Yakult.

After Intramuros: Pepper Lunch!

After Iligan to CDO to Manila to Intramuros in less than 12 hours, we were starving like zombies so we went to MOA or Mall of Asia to have our dinner at Pepper Lunch.

Beef Pepper Rice

Beef Teriyaki Pepper Rice with Egg

Yep, they served really nice hefty meal that was enough to make my eyelids heavy. I was so full and satisfied I wanted to sleep right there. Lol!

The food is basically jammed packed with everything that you need to raise your cholesterol up, in a good and satisfying way though.

Tip: If I remember it correctly, we took a ride to this compact MPV (they call it FX perhaps from Toyota Tamaraw FX, but what we had was Innova) turned into a bus/taxi hybrid for only P50 for the both of us from Intramuros to MOA. Way cheaper than taking a taxi and more convenient than taking a jeep or bus.  You can get this ride at Plaza Roma where the Manila Cathedral is situated.

Advice: The weather in Manila is like a show run by Loki (the Asgardian god of mischief) that bakes you in the day with so much sunlight, then when your all red with sunburn, he throws you a torrential monsoon downpour later in the afternoon as his way of being kind. So better bring an umbrella to protect you from the killer sun rays and heavy rain if your planning on metro trekking.


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BBQ Chicken at Pearl Drive Ortigas

BBQ Chicken

When we got to the condo, it was already 11 am and we had a lunch date with our Iligan friends Epi and Acki. They wanted us to check out BBQ Chicken in Ortigas which is just 2-3 blocks away from Shaw Tower so we went.

The resto’s name is pretty straightforward and generic. I thought we were eating in some nice small regular chicken house with an array of barbecue chicken getting grilled at the front of the resto.

It turns out to be a bit more “sosyal” (or elegant, just a bit more than the regular chicken houses I’ve been to) chicken joint located at the 2nd floor of Unit A Pearl Plaza. I was surprised it was a Korean Chicken Restaurant because the name “BBQ chicken”  doesn’t spell like Korean at all. To my delight, I was looking forward for some really hot Korean chicken.

Too bad, they didn’t have Epi and Acki’s favorite spicy chicken set, but we still enjoyed our hefty lunch particularly my hot chicken and most of all, me and Leia were happy to see Epi and Acki again.

The food Leia and I ordered:

Grilled Chicken Salad Set (?)

Spicy Chicken Barbecue Set

BBQ Chicken in Pearl Drive Ortigas is actually Korea‘s number 1 chicken restaurant, according to their website and when I Googled it, nobody seems to be contesting their claim so I guess they’re number 1.

Don’t forget to order their Spicy Chicken Set because we were told it’s awesome. I love hot chili foods so I’m confident I’m gonna love it. If you love chili Korean chicken together with a little Korean side dish kimchi (I didn’t really ask if they had one, but you can try), then your gonna love this place.

Check em out!

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Leia’s 23rd Birthday!


Breakfast date at Fontina: “American” Breakfast and “Mexican” Burrito. Despite their diminutive servings, both dishes tasted good.


Her other two selves. They only show up on her birthday. hehe


Check out my invisible shoes! Oh, wait, you can’t see them!

I love my princess Pengpeng! You are blessed in the Lord! Happy Birthday! MWAAAHHH!! <3<3<3

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