Moon Fools Hostel

More about Moon Fool’s Hostel from Leia’s blog:


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Payag Restaurant – Tagbilaran City

More about Payag Restaurant here from Leia’s blog:
Address: 18, Alturas Mall, C. P. G. North Ave. Cor. B. Inting St., Tagbilaran City, 6300 Bohol
Phone:(038) 501 7852

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Gerarda’s Family Restaurant is one of Bohol’s well known restaurant that serve really good Filipino cuisine. When we went there, it was almost jam-packed with people. I can imagine it is a great place to bring your family for a dinner or with your fellow officemates for some satisfying lunch on a weekends. This is where we decided to take our small dinner (I’m trying to lose weight lol) for the night and we ordered one of their popular best sellers which is the Dinakdakan, a grilled and chopped pork belly with spices and coconut milk. We paired it with the always appetizing chicken chicharon (deep fried chicken skin cracklings) for a simply perfect Pinoy combo dish.

Address: 30 J.S Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City, 6300, Bohol, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Phone:(038) 412 3044

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Bohol Bee Farm

The first on our list of places to see is Bohol Bee Farm at Island City Mall because it was the nearest from where we were staying. We did visit the Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao a few days later but only the Buzzz Cafe in Alona beach (which I’ll be posting a blog too).

Anyway, Bohol Bee Farm prides itself as a restaurant that serves organic food. Their products mostly comes from their very own organic farm which also provides jobs  and livelihood projects for the Boholanos. Their also famous for their honey (of course) and pesto spreads. Me I personally loved the honeyspread.

Honey Bee Farm at Island Fiesta Mall, Tagbilaran City:


Organic Ice Cream with a host of flavours to fancy your sweet tooth.


Yep, those are all organic. Not the organic hype, but real organic stuff.


Bohol Bee Farm’s The Buzzz Cafe.


They actually sell a lot of great stuff not just food but also soap to tea. My personal favourite is the honey spread. It’s just delicious on its own or with bread, crackers, etc!

IMG_5098 IMG_5092-2 IMG_5093IMG_5096

The food and drinks!!!

I totally forgot.. this was some sort of Honey Laced Iced Coffee.

I totally forgot.. this was some sort honey laced white mocha coffee.

Organic Garden Salad with flowers such as Bougainvillea, Gumamela, Cosmos, Ternati, etc...

Organic Garden Salad with flowers such as Bougainvillea, Gumamela, Cosmos, Ternati, etc…

Fresh Herb Pasta!

Fresh Herb Pasta!

Their own homemade bread with honey and pesto spreads. This is on the house.

Their own homemade bread with honey and pesto spreads. This is on the house.

On the left is camote fries and Leia also got a lemongrass juice (the green colored drink).

On the left is camote fries and Leia also got a lemongrass juice (the green colored drink).

Malunggay (Moringa) Flavored Ice Cream which I think is sweetened by honey.

Malunggay (Moringa) Flavored Ice Cream which I think is sweetened by honey.

Some hefty organic almost vegan like dinner.

Some hefty organic almost vegan like dinner.

It’s not hard to find Bohol Bee Farm in Island City Mall. It’s just in the ground floor going right from the main entrance. The Mall itself is not really large so you won’t get lost finding those bees. However, if you’re planning to visit Bohol just for a vacation (I went here for a wedding cinematography workshop), check out Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao Island instead which 30-45 minutes drive. You can even book for a stay there because they do have beautiful rooms with a nice rustic tough to it, they also have a wonderful buffet and their dining area has a great view of the beach plus a store too and a herb garden heaven for organic lovers.



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Going Bohol: First Stop – JJ’s Seafood Village at Tagbilaran City

Last month, I attended a wedding cinematography workshop in Tagbiliran City. Good thing 2Go has a scheduled trip from Iligan City to Tagbilaran City once a week that leaves every Tuesday. The boat stops in between (Dipolog City if going to Tagbilaran and Ozamiz City if going back Iligan). The downside is that they only offer the economy or super economy class if you’re leaving from Iligan which is jampacked with people and the area is sandwiched between the ship’s huge funnel (engine exhaust) which makes the area not comforting at all. There are no nearby windows in our bunks and where right in the middle which makes the place kinda hot.

Though you get to upgrade your accommodation once you’re in the ship but we still have to wait for the Dipolog passengers because we’re sort of like in a “chance passenger” situation. If there are vacant bunks in the business class section (or cabin, presidential suite if you’re not on a budget) after leaving Dipolog then that’s the time we could get to take it for the night, but it takes 4hrs i think to get to Dipolog and then another 2hrs to wait for the passengers and cargoes to embark, a total of 6 hours waiting time. We still decided to upgrade to business class section.

We left Iligan around 6pm (delayed), arrived in Dipolog by 10pm then left around 12 midnight.

At Iligan Port and then inside 2GO’s St. Joan of Arc vessel:

DSCN8787 DSCN8788 DSCN8790

This is the super economy area. It may have air-condition vents but most are not working.

This is the super economy area. It may have air-condition vents but most are not working.


This is the business class area which is way better than the super economy obviously but the thing is there’s no door where you can have at least a little bit of privacy.

We arrived in Tagbilaran around or before 6am and went to stay at JJ’s Seafood Village with Leia. JJ’s is a restaurant with a hotel and a reception area good for weddings, birthdays and seminars. The JJ’s is technically just besides the Tagbilaran Bay though the view of the bay is not exactly great but still refreshing. They also have the fastest internet (in a hotel) so far here in the Philippines that clocks more than 30mbps though quite unstable at times. Their room is not great but okay. They have really good food by the way. At first the price seems a little hefty but it turns out they have big servings than the usual.

This is their hotel:


Our room is less than P1,000 with aircon. They don’t exactly have an internet modem on each room but the room is a bit closer from the front desk area where the wifi modem is situated.



This photo was taken from my Huawei Phone.


And this is their Restaurant (right part of the building and Reception area (left part) as well:

IMG_5064 IMG_5066 IMG_5058IMG_5080


and here’s the really good food:


This was our first time to eat Abalone, which is an edible mollusk from the seas.


If I remember it correctly, this is suppose to be a rice topping Chop Seuy.


The usual sausage and egg with atsara (a pickle made from grated unripe papaya) breakfast.


I think this was the “American” breakfast.

All I can say is that we were satisfied with our stay here in JJ’s. This was actually my 2nd time staying here. My first time was way back 2008 when we had a school field trip and I was a Hotel and Restaurant Management student that time. That was also my first time in Bohol.

Tagbilaran City has so many good and great restos it would probably take a month or so just to try all of them with a risk of gaining so much weight. Yes, we’ve tried a few (which I will be posting soon) but we’re just only scratching the surface of what Bohol has in store for its tourists. Not to mention, they have beautiful tourist spots like the famous Chocolate Hills, Hinagdan Cave, Tarsiers, Old Churches and so on which I never got to visit most of it on this trip (though some I did the first time I was here).

But, we went to Panglao Island which I will be posting really soon.


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Initao Midway Getaway

Yesterday, we went to Initao Midway White Beach Resort just to getaway from the bustling city pollution. It was basically Elai’s (good friend of ours and my fraternity brother) idea the other night and all three of us (me, Leia and Porsche or Porsha as I would like to spell it) empathically said yes. I mean why not? City life is just stressful and Iligan’s traffic and pollution on average despite being a super small city is almost like that of Manila. Porsha also invited Red to come along and brought with him his amazing well seasoned slab of pork meat.

So the day started first in the market to buy some ingredients for the food (for grilling!) then in the kitchen for preparation.


This is Kinilaw, a sliced raw fish meat (usually Tuna) with lots of spices and coconut vinegar. This is eaten raw but technically the fish meat is treated and “cooked” by the vinegar and spices combined.

IMG_6725 IMG_6724

Now, the beach… not exactly the same condition as what I last remembered (I went here twice last 2014) but the beach ambiance is what we all need for the day. Here’s my blogpost about my last year’s visit to Midway.



Crab fat! A good dose of bad cholesterol once in a while.


Veggie bbq, milkfish filled with spices wrapped in foil, pork meat, and chicken gizzard behind it.


That tower (suppose to be for zipline) is simply annoying. It’s been looking like a Mordor Tower from LOTR for years now. What an eyesore!

IMG_6738 IMG_6733 IMG_6730 IMG_6752 IMG_6766 IMG_6763 IMG_6761 IMG_6755IMG_6770 IMG_6769 IMG_6768 IMG_6767-2 IMG_6780 IMG_6775 IMG_6791 IMG_6789 IMG_6788 IMG_6785 IMG_6783 IMG_6796 IMG_6794 IMG_6793-4

and here I am in case you’re wondering where I was in all this. From Leia’s camera:


Elai, and me in my ghillie suit, LOL.

Elai, me, Red and Porsh.

Elai, me, Red and Porsh.


So yes, we had a good afternoon and our bellies we’re filled to the skin. We took a very brief dip in the water but be cautious for the sharp rocks though. Porsh got some cuts on both her feet because she was doing front flips in the shallow part of the beach (waist deep). They also have some banana ride pulled by a jetski for 500-1000 Pesos i think good for 15minutes. The cottage we had cost P600 and despite the green net draped around the cottage, it doesn’t really help with the flies pestering your food. At least it wasn’t a horde of flies though but yes, there were flies none the less. All in all, it was worth the 30-35 minute trip from Iligan City. Going back took us a little over an hour though due to heavy traffic from road repairs. Oh well…

That is all… Peace!




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Descending Mt. Pagangon To Hindang Falls

While I’m writing this blog right at this moment, I’m being bombarded with ear-splitting karaoke fest. I won’t deny that some can sing while others still don’t know the destructive dissonance they have that’s rattling my thoughts into a pulp. Cranking up the volume and echo effect would only make things worst for my ears to bear but I have to try at least jot something and take this situation as a jump off point for this blog so I can start writing no matter how off-topic this may seem.

Well, Iligan is celebrating the Diyandi Festival and it is Leia’s mom’s birthday today too hence the karaoke party. Only Ann2x (Leia’s younger sister) can really sing well, the rest are good to okay to outright devastatingly off-tuned enough to wake the dead. Let me gather my disoriented brain cells together and pull this through. Writing a blog in the midst of sonic mayhem is quite challenging, but not as challenging as going down a steep mountain side while raining. Yeah, I know I’m trying to connect A with X but, so what. I have to write this fast because the next adventure will be coming in the next few days.

Okay, so I’ll start right after we started to climb out from Hindang Cave. For those who haven’t read about our Hindang Cave spelunking, here’s the blog.

Okay, the stuff I just wrote above was a little over 2 months ago (and my last edit was on the 29th of September to be precise). It’s already December 3 and I apologize for the delay. I’ve been quite busy again but we did had some more great adventures none the less after Hindang. I have come to realize that I might not be able to write long blog posts especially with a mountain of backlogs I’m still carrying with me from all the way back to 2012. Starting today or tonight, I’ll be writing short blog posts instead.

Anyway, about our descend… it was pretty darn hard. Yes, because it rained and made the narrow pathway slippery like clay mud. One of our companion was even praying and repenting as if it was the end of the world. At times, we had to go “5×5” meaning crawl on all fours including our butts in a sitting position.

GOPR3721-2 GOPR3727-2 GOPR3732-2 GOPR3736-2 GOPR3739-2 GOPR3752-2

Finally, we all made it down safely with minor bumps and scratches but no big deal. Good thing there were some lanzones and marang fruit waiting for us to replenish our famished state. The fruits were actually cheap here like more than 50% compared to the prices in the city.

IMG_9822 IMG_9824 IMG_9830 IMG_9832 IMG_9838 IMG_9864 IMG_9875

Our next stop was Hindang falls. A beautiful 3 tiered waterfall which is easily accessible from the road probably like a 10-15 minute trek.

IMG_9895 IMG_9897 IMG_9898 IMG_9899 IMG_9902 IMG_9905 IMG_9916 IMG_9934 IMG_9937

In reality, the base of the 2nd tier (top of the 1st tier) is the most accessible and the most logical place to take a dip. It has a much bigger pool while the 3rd tier is quite a challenge to get there (you’ll see it in the video).The 2nd tier by the way may look small (because of the perspective I guess) but it is probably about 30 feet tall from top to base. The 3rd tier of Hindang falls only has a small shallow pool but the falls is probably taller than the rest of the tiers and a great place to get a good shower.

GOPR3794-2 GOPR3796-2 GOPR3801-2 GOPR3802-2 GOPR3803-2

Travel time between Hindang proper to Hindang falls is probably about 20 minutes or less. You’ll pass by Hindang Falls first before you get to enter Hindang proper or the village.

Again, here’s my blog for the Hindang Cave in Mt. Pagangon where you will know how far Hindang is from Iligan proper.

Please check out our Hindang video here:



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