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The Blood Moon

Looks more like orange to me. Taken on my 4 plus year old little handy Nikon S9100 digital camera with 18x zoom lens equivalent to 25-450mm in a 35mm format. The camera was mounted on a gorillapod.



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Bo’s Coffee @Centrio CDO


Expresso Crumble



I think this was Numi Tea.


super close friends: Erica and Leia

From our 38th monthsary celebration in CDO.. chilling at Bo’s Coffee Centrio with Erica.

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Eric and Enna’s Wedding 10-19-2012

Enna’s my friend since we were 5 years old. She’s been one of my closest friends whom I could confide to whenever I get depressed about something. Yes, we’re like siblings from a different parents. I’m also close to her parents and her siblings as well. Finally her day has come and she tied the knot with her first love Eric (I call him Michael) who is also my high-school barkada (circle of friends) or clique.

The wedding is simple but super elegant and their vows are tearjerkers “sniff.” Congratulations to both Eric and Enna Cue!

So these are my photo-shots of the wedding. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a single decent photo of the newly weds during the wedding ceremony and reception because I’m not the official photographer and wedding shots are so hard. Wedding photographers are really skilled shutterbugs. I also didn’t want to annoy or disturb the official photographers with my flash so I took photos with the newly weds without a flash, but the results were blurry.

Leia, Chaychay, Odet, Junjun and Nanat

Leia and me. ❤ ❤ ❤

The Bosses Bam and Master Poh! lol

The newly weds with close friends from high-school and work after the wedding.

The wedding was held at Xavier Estate’s Sports and Country Club, Cagayan de Oro City 9000. The place is really nice and the food was great, but the desserts were super amazing! It didn’t took long before all the dessert disappeared.

Congrats again to Eric and Enna!

p.s. for the first time I didn’t do much editing or post processing on most of the photos here especially my food shots. I just left it as it is straight from the camera. I’m starting to love photos with less to no editing at all especially on food.

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The Walled City of Intramuros

Seeing the thick walls of Intramuros seems to throw you back at the time when Spanish was the king of fliptop in the block. Yes, Intramuros is a piece of history slowly engulfed by the modern world within its walls. Jollibee, Macdonald’s and Starbucks are invading the walled city like K-Pop is to our airwaves like chocolate flavored oxygen or PSY’s Gangnam style is taking over YouTube by storm.. okay, stop!

So here we were finally at the oldest district and historical gem of Manila, with little sleep (woke up 3-4am just to catch up the bus going for CDO and the flight for Manila at 9am) and a bit tired from the long travel.

Kartilya ng Katipunan Shrine which is just across the entrance of Intramuros

I think this is a Spanish era horse carriage.

General Luna Street outside Jasper Classic and across San Agustin Church

Leia with an Intramuros Guardia Civil

The Papier Tole Shop along General Luna St.

Near Plaza de Santa Isabel and Foscon Shipmanagement (background building)

Iron bench in front of Intramuros Clamshell.

Intramuros Kalesa or Horse Carriage at Plaza Roma


Beware of some Kalesa or horse driven carriage in Intramuros because some (I hope not all) of them just wants to rip you off. Okay, this is how they go:

  • They offer you a tour around Intramuros in a Kalesa ride for P350.
  • In our case, the kalesa driver didn’t told us that the P350 is only good for 30 minutes. You pay for the exceeding minutes if you want to continue, that is if you know about it and we didn’t.
  • Yes, he kept asking me about the time, but never even bothered explaining why or telling us clearly there’s a 30 minute limit for the P350 price tag. His kalesa by the way doesn’t have a sign that says P350 for 30 minutes.
  • What’s even bad, you won’t be spending all of that 30 minutes in the kalesa ride. The driver will encourage you to hop out and the check places, take photos or explore if you want to.. and that is included in the 30 minute duration. If you happen to ride in the kalesa for only 5 minutes and then spend the rest of the 25 minutes exploring  San Agustin Church, that’s P350 sir! What a sneaky dishonest wisecracks!
  •  Of course, he won’t tell you it’s already time until its almost an hour where the driver will tell you, you’re almost an hour so why not finish the hour for a premium price of P700.
  • What made me upset was not the price tag, but the way we were being ripped off. As far as I can remember, our kalesa ride in total duration didn’t even reach 30 minutes because most of the time, we were hosted to hop out, explore and take photos as long as we want to.
  • So, before hopping in to any kalesa ride, clear things out first so you won’t get caught off guard.

Inside San Agustin Church

Top front of San Agustin Church

Along Sta Lucia Street and right across is part of the Intramuros Golf Course. You can see the Manila Hotel in the background (left bldg)

Sta. Lucia St.

One of the old Spanish era stone staircase near Reducto de San Pedro. There were actually two more people at the end step of the stairs but with the power of Photoshop’s content aware, they vanish into thin air.

Just beside the stone staircase is the entrance to the Reducto de San Pedro

Reducto de San Pedro – Reducto or Redoubt usually consisting of an enclosed defensive emplacement outside a larger fort, usually relying on earthworks, though others are constructed of stone or brick. -Wiki-

A perfect place to relax and contemplate about anything.

Plaza Romano and that’s the statue of King Carlos IV at the center with the famous Manila Cathedral in the background.

I’ve been here to Intramuros many times and even performed music way back 2003 when I was part of the music ensemble of IPAG or Integrated Performing Arts Guild. During those times, Intramuros was like the party center of Manila especially in the heyday of WOW Philippines done  by the former secretary of tourism and now chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross – Richard Gordon.

10 years forward, Intramuros looked lonely and depressed as if forgotten by the ghosts of yesterday and ignored by the smartphone generation of today. Intramuros is just like an everyday alley passed by locals like it’s just an extension of their backyard not worth gawking about.

I guess that’s what happens if you grew up within or outside the ancient walls. The historical luster continues to fade with familiarity just like the old walls itself with time and pollution. For promdi’s (people from the province) like us whose lives are moved by photos and t.v. clips of  Philippine history, we always see the sparkle in-spite an influx of modernity that is threatening our historical landmarks to oblivion.

None the less, Intramuros is a place you shouldn’t miss if your in Manila. Take a glimpse of it’s historical wonders as you walk along Spanish era streets and 400 year old buildings and ruins that still remain standing. Most of Intramuros original buildings were destroyed during World War 2 with only the Church of San Agustin surviving. So most of the buildings you see in the streets are just restorations and replicas of the past.

We were not able to explore most of Intramuros and we’re not able to get more photos, but it’s alright because that means we have a good reason to visit this place again.

Click here to know more about Intramuros

Veale otra vez!


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Prenuptial Photo-shoot Mockup

For the first time in my life, I was asked to “model” for a photo-shoot along with my girlfriend. Leia‘s been doing this for the past 5 years so she’s pretty much the veteran here while I’m obviously the greenhorn.

Despite my  busy work schedule, I agreed and we had a blast. It was fun and I enjoyed the shoot very much. DreamCatcher Creatives (the team behind the shoot) did an awesome job! oh, and my girl is part of the team. ^___^

It was pretty hard maintaining our position and I’m pretty sure you get the idea how these photos were done. The team thought I’ve done this before because they said I looked like an experienced photo model.

Ahem, seriously, it never even occurred to me to do this kind of thing, but I’m always open for some career change. lol!

Concept and photos done by DreamCatcher Creatives and they’re based here in Iligan City.


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