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The Blood Moon

Looks more like orange to me. Taken on my 4 plus year old little handy Nikon S9100 digital camera with 18x zoom lens equivalent to 25-450mm in a 35mm format. The camera was mounted on a gorillapod.



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Going Bohol: First Stop – JJ’s Seafood Village at Tagbilaran City

Last month, I attended a wedding cinematography workshop in Tagbiliran City. Good thing 2Go has a scheduled trip from Iligan City to Tagbilaran City once a week that leaves every Tuesday. The boat stops in between (Dipolog City if going to Tagbilaran and Ozamiz City if going back Iligan). The downside is that they only offer the economy or super economy class if you’re leaving from Iligan which is jampacked with people and the area is sandwiched between the ship’s huge funnel (engine exhaust) which makes the area not comforting at all. There are no nearby windows in our bunks and where right in the middle which makes the place kinda hot.

Though you get to upgrade your accommodation once you’re in the ship but we still have to wait for the Dipolog passengers because we’re sort of like in a “chance passenger” situation. If there are vacant bunks in the business class section (or cabin, presidential suite if you’re not on a budget) after leaving Dipolog then that’s the time we could get to take it for the night, but it takes 4hrs i think to get to Dipolog and then another 2hrs to wait for the passengers and cargoes to embark, a total of 6 hours waiting time. We still decided to upgrade to business class section.

We left Iligan around 6pm (delayed), arrived in Dipolog by 10pm then left around 12 midnight.

At Iligan Port and then inside 2GO’s St. Joan of Arc vessel:

DSCN8787 DSCN8788 DSCN8790

This is the super economy area. It may have air-condition vents but most are not working.

This is the super economy area. It may have air-condition vents but most are not working.


This is the business class area which is way better than the super economy obviously but the thing is there’s no door where you can have at least a little bit of privacy.

We arrived in Tagbilaran around or before 6am and went to stay at JJ’s Seafood Village with Leia. JJ’s is a restaurant with a hotel and a reception area good for weddings, birthdays and seminars. The JJ’s is technically just besides the Tagbilaran Bay though the view of the bay is not exactly great but still refreshing. They also have the fastest internet (in a hotel) so far here in the Philippines that clocks more than 30mbps though quite unstable at times. Their room is not great but okay. They have really good food by the way. At first the price seems a little hefty but it turns out they have big servings than the usual.

This is their hotel:


Our room is less than P1,000 with aircon. They don’t exactly have an internet modem on each room but the room is a bit closer from the front desk area where the wifi modem is situated.



This photo was taken from my Huawei Phone.


And this is their Restaurant (right part of the building and Reception area (left part) as well:

IMG_5064 IMG_5066 IMG_5058IMG_5080


and here’s the really good food:


This was our first time to eat Abalone, which is an edible mollusk from the seas.


If I remember it correctly, this is suppose to be a rice topping Chop Seuy.


The usual sausage and egg with atsara (a pickle made from grated unripe papaya) breakfast.


I think this was the “American” breakfast.

All I can say is that we were satisfied with our stay here in JJ’s. This was actually my 2nd time staying here. My first time was way back 2008 when we had a school field trip and I was a Hotel and Restaurant Management student that time. That was also my first time in Bohol.

Tagbilaran City has so many good and great restos it would probably take a month or so just to try all of them with a risk of gaining so much weight. Yes, we’ve tried a few (which I will be posting soon) but we’re just only scratching the surface of what Bohol has in store for its tourists. Not to mention, they have beautiful tourist spots like the famous Chocolate Hills, Hinagdan Cave, Tarsiers, Old Churches and so on which I never got to visit most of it on this trip (though some I did the first time I was here).

But, we went to Panglao Island which I will be posting really soon.


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Pugaan Waterfalling Adventure 2015


Team Katkat (climb) from left to right: Elijah, me, Jeffrey, Porsche, Leia, Boknoy, Mico and Tito Bobby our ultra guide.

DSCN8171DSCN8182DSCN8201 GOPR3572 GOPR3568 GOPR3559 GOPR3548 GOPR3533GOPR3600GOPR3613 DSCN8197GOPR3628 GOPR3629GOPR3638 GOPR3652 GOPR3643 GOPR3663

Last September 4, 2015, a friend of ours, sir Bobby who is a veteran photo journalist, coffee geek, a known barefoot runner in our city and a bonfide mountain trekker asked my girlfriend Leia to organize a trekking party for Pugaan waterfalling. So Leia made a Facebook page for an open invitation and 5 others asked to join. So there were 8 of us all in all going for the Pugaan waterfalling adventure.

Pugaan is a barangay (a barangay is formerly called barrio, is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward – wiki) that is part of Iligan city which is a rural area mostly consists of mountains or hills, some lush vegetation and mostly forested area. It is rather a large barangay than most barangays found in the city and because it is still in touch with nature far from urban contamination, Pugaan surprisingly (at least for a city dweller like me) has lots of waterfalls of all sizes that some are probably still waiting to be discovered by city folks.

Pugaan proper (where the barangay hall, market and a simple covered basketball court is located) is only less than 25 minutes drive from the city proper. The main transportation within Pugaan is the “habal-habal” or a motorcycle and some very few jeepneys that goes to the city.


This is Pugaan and this was our route. We started our trek at the tiny blue arrow above center.

This was probably the hardest trekking I had in years and I slipped and slammed on my side 3 times along the water trail while stepping on slippery rocks. Thank God I didn’t hit my head but it was pretty close though. I also realized from this adventure that I’m not really used to my being overweight and I felt cumbersome and clumsy. I decided not to bring my dslr (good thing!) and opted for my digicam and gopro.

My digicam (Nikon S9100) already died not even halfway and just after our first waterfall encounter (but is now fine and dandy with an ample amount of air drying and silica gel packets) due to moisture from my wet hands. Thank God for the Gopro as I was able to continue to shoot some photos, film and occassional “documentary I was here not vanity” selfies.

In case you wanna check out our video here’s the link…


I would also like to add some of tito Bobby’s photos here (we shared each others photos for us 8 to use and post) as he took better photoshots than what I’m able to do. After all, he’s a veteran photographer and the mountains around Iligan are his playground.


Yup, this is the “habal-habal” as what most people here in Iligan would call it. Not the most comforting ride ever if there are 5 butts total trying to hold and balance along a rough jagged road. Expect an after workout like cramps after a 15 minute ride. We took the habal-habal last for Pugaan proper after almost 7-8 hours of trekking.

P1380317 P1380329 P1380332 P1380338 P1380354 P1380359 P1380364 P1380377 P1380388 P1380393 P1380403 P1380408 P1380418 P1380421 P1380427 P1380435 P1380439 P1380444 P1380445 P1380447 P1380454 P1380471 P1380474 P1380475 P1380482 P1380488 P1380507 P1380511 P1380529 P1380530 P1380544 P1380549 P1380560 P1380565 copy P1380573 P1380580 P1380583 P1380598 P1380606 P1380639 P1380643 P1380652 P1380655 P1380658 copy P1380659 P1380665 P1380672 P1380686 P1380690 P1380695 P1380696 P1380707 P1380709 P1380712 P1380719 P1380720 P1380722 P1380728 P1380733 P1380734 P1380735 P1380737

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