Roxas City Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Church and a visit to my “Alma Mater”


The church beside the school were I graduated from highschool.


Yep, this is my Alma Mater though I only had my one and final year in highschool here. My 1st four years in highschool was in MSU-IIT IDS or Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology, Integrated Developmental School (Iligan City).. Whew!


I got in thanks to my old college “kabarks” (close circle of friends) andΒ  Capiznon best bud Jorge who’s an IT teacher here. I used to slack with those concrete benches like those students in the background 16 years ago. Nostalgic!


Yep, that’s Jorge doing selfie with my phone before he took my shot. He’s not exactly a selfie junkie though.

I’m currently in Roxas City since last Jan 4 and I’ll be leaving for Iloilo next week. Leia will be with me in Iloilo on the 16th then we’ll be heading to Kalibu, Aklan to witness the Ati-atihan Festival!


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