Leia’s 25th Birthday Celebration

Okay, I’ve been gone like for almost 9 months now from my blog. So many backlogs I’m not sure how I can post them but I’ll start with Leia’s 25th birthday. Yep, It was Leia’s birthday last month and she wanted to have rainbow-themed milk tea birthday party. Not the grand massive birthday party but just a small and simple party good for close friends of hers. Most of her friends are no longer in town so the venue Cozy Cup Milk Tea Shop with its small yet pretty and well lighted place is just perfect for a Β milk tea party.

IMG_9152IMG_9149IMG_9262 IMG_9148 IMG_9197 IMG_9202IMG_9163IMG_9170LeiaIMG_9195Leia

I recently got myself a 2nd hand Canon 60D with a Canon 24-70 mm L-series lens which I used to make a montage video of the event. I’m an aspiring film maker I guess.. haha

Here’s the video linkΒ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMSuQbU2fxY

You could also check out Leia’s blog post about her birthday here:Β http://reiyakhu.tumblr.com/post/88816428925/my-rainbow-unicorn-sugar-fantasy-party


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