Our 2nd Year Anniversary

Lately it’s been a bit difficult at home because I have to be like a one man army in the house. I’m literally alone in this 50’s era old house and I’ve been on my own like a year now. Today in our 2nd anniversary, we actually planned of going out of town, but because of the election we’re stuck here in Iligan and I’m here cooking food, cleaning the kitchen, the house, then feed the dogs later while working in my pc.
In other days, I do the laundry, pay utility bills and etc, buy groceries and stuff for the house, while I juggle this with my work and studying more stuff in the hopes of becoming a graphic animator for Marvel or Pixar (Chos!!) in the years to come God-willing… But I’m not complaining because I thank God for the awesome blessings that He has given me especially to my beautiful and wonderful Leia whose helping me in the house whenever she comes over, encouraging me in my dreams, reminding me that I’m a kickass guitar player, poet, pianist and comic book inker (Char!!!) rebuking me in my mistakes, watching out for my diet and health, scolding me for eating too much and most of all for loving me despite my obvious deficiency in height and punctuality at times, occasional bloopers, hearing problems over Skype, and “minuscule” forgetfulness.
This day is a special day for us and especially for me because not only I have found the woman that I love but because I know that I have been found (hehe) by the woman who truly loves me albeit my irresistable increasing roundness full of oozing cuteness. Most of all I thank the Lord for you Pengpeng!!! You finally found me! I congratulate you! Aw hehe … bitaw I love you so very much!!! Mwahh!! Mag diet na lagi ko (I’m really going to diet).. as in! XD Happy 24th monthsary/2nd year anniversary!!!

Photo on 5-13-13 at 8.14 PM Photo on 5-13-13 at 8.13 PM Photo on 5-13-13 at 8.14 PM #3

p.s. I am so blessed to have a wonderful, supportive, beautiful, faithful and loving girlfriend. She’s my best and awesome travel mate, my best eating buddy (though I’m the one who ends up getting rounder) and most of all my loving companion. I thank God for her and I am looking forward for our great future ahead… more places to travel, food to eat and more awesome adventures! I love you Peng! :* <(“) ❤ ❤ ❤

p.s.s. I know I haven’t been blogging much lately because of work (I’m now a video editor and a motion graphic artist) but I will be back soon. I got so many backlogs but I believe I can catch up.


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