Rizal Park 2012

Here we were at Rizal Park when we were in Manila last month. This was before we went to Manila Ocean Park which is just right across Rizal Park or colloquially called Luneta, Luneta Park. Rizal Park is a perfect place to unwind, great for family picnics and get into a friendly duel with fellow Escrimadors early in the morning, if you are an Escrima practitioner.

It has a rich history from the execution of Jose Rizal (Philippine national hero), declaration of independence from American rule to the political rallies of both Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino. The latter sparked the EDSA revolution that toppled the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

Rizal Park is located along Manila Bay and it is also adjacent to the old walled city of Manila called Intramuros. Quirino Grandstand is also right across Rizal Park where Manila Ocean Park is also situated.

Jose Rizal Monument back

La Madre Filipina

DSC_0063 wm

Jose Rizal Monument front

Philippine Flag Pole (at 351 feet is the tallest standing flag pole in the nation)

Part of Roxas Boulevard


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