BBQ Chicken at Pearl Drive Ortigas

BBQ Chicken

When we got to the condo, it was already 11 am and we had a lunch date with our Iligan friends Epi and Acki. They wanted us to check out BBQ Chicken in Ortigas which is just 2-3 blocks away from Shaw Tower so we went.

The resto’s name is pretty straightforward and generic. I thought we were eating in some nice small regular chicken house with an array of barbecue chicken getting grilled at the front of the resto.

It turns out to be a bit more “sosyal” (or elegant, just a bit more than the regular chicken houses I’ve been to) chicken joint located at the 2nd floor of Unit A Pearl Plaza. I was surprised it was a Korean Chicken Restaurant because the name “BBQ chicken”  doesn’t spell like Korean at all. To my delight, I was looking forward for some really hot Korean chicken.

Too bad, they didn’t have Epi and Acki’s favorite spicy chicken set, but we still enjoyed our hefty lunch particularly my hot chicken and most of all, me and Leia were happy to see Epi and Acki again.

The food Leia and I ordered:

Grilled Chicken Salad Set (?)

Spicy Chicken Barbecue Set

BBQ Chicken in Pearl Drive Ortigas is actually Korea‘s number 1 chicken restaurant, according to their website and when I Googled it, nobody seems to be contesting their claim so I guess they’re number 1.

Don’t forget to order their Spicy Chicken Set because we were told it’s awesome. I love hot chili foods so I’m confident I’m gonna love it. If you love chili Korean chicken together with a little Korean side dish kimchi (I didn’t really ask if they had one, but you can try), then your gonna love this place.

Check em out!


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