Manos Greek Taverna


When we went to Tagaytay way back 2007, it was actually my 2nd time to visit this popular tourist destination. My first visit was  4 years earlier (2003).

The first time was a nice cozy sunny day where I had a great view of the famous Taal volcano. The 2nd time wasn’t that good in terms of the weather because it was raining, cloudy and in fact, Manila was flooding when we left for Tagaytay.

However, the trip was not entirely bad thanks to our awesome lunch at Manos Greek Taverna that day. Yes, that’s a Greek restaurant in the middle of Bulalo country. Tagaytay is also renowned for its Bulalo aside from the world famous Taal Volcano and its cooler climate.

For me, it was the closest thing to be in Greece for an hour or so because of the authentic Greek cuisine, ambiance and the very owner himself – Mr. Manos Sapountzakis.


Armed with a now prehistoric SC-500, I took the pleasure of snapping some photos.

Greek Salad: tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, green peppers, olives and feta cheese.

These are potato fries and a bowl of fresh tidbits of carrots, corn and green peas (I think) which you will add to your meal instead of rice.

Saganaki: Baked shrimps in tomato sauce with feta cheese and spices.

I think this was Lamb Gyros soaked in thick yogurt sauce.

My Greek lunch: Grilled lamb (or it could be pork chop), Mousaka (mainly zucchini, potatoes, minced meat, eggplant, eggs, cheese, onions), Lamb Gyros, potato fries, feta cheese, and other lovely tidbits.

For me, the food was awesome though a few might find the Greek taste strange for the Pinoy palate, but overall it was great. All of the food here by the way were cooked in olive oil which adds a nice flavor to the dishes. No wonder olive oil is different from our over-the-store vegetable oil.

That’s me in the brown shirt next to Mr Manos with my teachers and classmates.


Its simple Aegean blue and white theme with little Greek mementos scattered here and there seems to give you that relaxing feeling as if your in Santorini, Greece. I can imagine hearing the subtle frothy sea waves just outside the window.  The place feels so homey it’s like your having lunch in a friend’s house.

Okay, this was like almost 5 years ago so I’m pretty sure their prices went up a few notch, but I believe its not bordering anywhere near to fine dining level which would be great for both our pockets and palates. I can’t wait to get back to Tagaytay and bring Leia to Manos Greek Taverna or their new Hellenic Hotel Taverna and have a great Greek lunch treat.

Εις το επανιδείν!


I’ll be posting photos of my first visit in Tagaytay some other time because it was a pre-digital camera era where Kodak film was the Instagram of its time.


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