Tadakuma in Cagayan de Oro

Last Saturday (Aug 18) me and Leia went to Cagayan de Oro to have our lunch in Kugi Bulgogi, a new Korean restaurant in Lim Ket Kai mall. Instead we ended up in Tadakuma, because our good friend Miguel (boyfriend of Ritz – Leia’s best friend) took us there for lunch and to check out his friend’s interior designing prowess. I guess Kugi Bulgogi have to wait.

So, may I present to you Tadakuma!

The interior is simple, the color theme is comforting to the eyes and the place is actually small, but it doesn’t feel crammed.  The place can probably accommodate not more than 40 people which is fine.

There were actually a lot of people the moment we came in and all of them were Filipino-Chinese. I guess they’re one big family because they all left at the same time when they finished their lunch.

Anyway, this was all what we had for lunch:

This dish here is made up of Japanese rice (I think) with minced fresh tuna meat on top, wasabi, (I think that’s) onion spring super minced and others. It’s a great dish with a biting taste due to the Wasabi. If you love Sashimi, you’ll love this!

You can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this one is called Shoyu Ramen. I’m not sure, but all I can say is that it tasted awesome! The Naruto in me just love ramen!

This one is called Tempura Odon. The only name my girlfriend remembered and we never even got to taste it because this was Miguel’s order.

Okay, we apologize. We love the food, the cozy ambiance, the nice interior design and the color theme which feels traditionally Japanese I guess, but at the same time contemporary.

We had so much fun when we left, we actually forgot to take note the names of our dishes. A big blunder!

For us, Japanese food names are not easy to remember unless it’s simply called sushi, California maki and sashimi.

Anyway, if you love Japanese food like we do, Tadakuma is worth it if you find yourself in the city of friendship and it’s not that expensive too.

Tadakuma is a Japanese restaurant that just opened at Don Ramon Chavez Street, Cagayan de Oro City.

Arigato Gozaimasu!



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2 responses to “Tadakuma in Cagayan de Oro

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  2. I wanna try this place. There are only few restaurants in Cagayan de Oro that serves authentic Japanese cuisine.

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