From top left to bottom right: Baby Back Ribs, Grilled Blue Marlin and Pasta de Calamari at INJ Iligan.

INJ is actually a restaurant with a car wash or a car wash with a restaurant (scratches head) in Palao near The Strip. I think you can see it where there’s a utility tricycle in the photo.

The place is really nice and the food was okay, but I like the grilled blue marlin. I think you could never go wrong with a blue marlin no matter how it is cooked. The calamares was specially good too, but the pasta sauce tasted like ordinary plain ketchup. They could use a better tomato sauce or cook real tomatoes in olive oil for the pasta.

I heard they have one of the best burgers in town… a day after we came here. Toink!

We still enjoyed our “luncher” or “drunch” (I’m just coining the term between lunch and dinner) or our mid afternoon super heavy snack.

*checks bp at home*



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2 responses to “INJ

  1. i followed your blog hoping to get good place to eat and get reunited with my high school classmates (circle of friends) whom i have not seen in 15 years! I am not familiar with Iligan anymore… We went to INJ. the seafoods were great spec. the marlin 😉

    We had a great time. We occupied two tables (end area) and talked for 4hours then moved to SPortsbuck!

    Thank you very much ☺

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