Pacquiao vs Bradley The Aftermath

This one will go down to the history books – the judges verdict that nailed boxing in a box.

Across the boxing world – most pundits, ringside analysts, HBO staff, celebrities and armchair jocks are shouting foul and robbery. To be honest, it’s a robbery of the century. I give Bradley the credit for standing his ground, but of all fighters whom Pacquiao faced in the last 7 years, Marquez was the one who I think can claim victory over Pacquiao in their last encounter. With Bradly, I disagree with the judges decision especially to CJ Ross and Jerry Roth for giving Bradley the split decision win.

Without having to go round by round detail because I’m too upset to even write this up, I’ll just give an overview or more like 3 reasons why I believe it was a robbery.

1. Bradley was hit clean, hard, got hurt and wobbled – this happened not once, not even twice, but many times in the middle rounds. Sure, Bradley fought back at the later rounds, but he couldn’t hurt Pacquiao with his pillow punches. Pacquiao was answering back. The only difference maybe in the later rounds was that Bradley became aggressive like a kamikaze, but that was it. He couldn’t kill a fly on Pacquiao’s face whenever his punches landed. What’s worst, Bradley was just hitting Pacquiao’s gloves most of the time. Basically Pacquiao was blocking most of Bradley’s head shots.

Don’t mind the meme caption but I tend to agree with it.

2. Compu box shows it all. The compu box shows that Manny threw and landed more shots, jabs and power shots than Bradley. Now, it’s not just how many shots were thrown and landed, but how much it hurt Bradley which is the most important part. The statistics shows it, the camera also shows the results of these stats in action and Bradley’s head got a good whooping.

Those percentage are backed up with some good solid footage of Bradley wobbled, hurt and confused.

3. Pacquiao got most of the rounds especially from the 3rd to the 10th round. Sure, he was a bit relaxed in the first two rounds and Bradley was being competitive in the last two rounds, but so is Manny. It’s not like Manny was running away from Bradley in those late rounds because he couldn’t throw anything. In fact, Manny loved the toe to toe war and Bradley was always in danger when he chooses to go head on with Manny. What was even bad, Bradley was the one who kept on hugging whenever his brains got scrambled by a Pacman punch.

This photo is just a snippet of the stuff that Pacquiao unloaded on Bradley’s “roll-on” head.

Even Mayweather Sr. who is probably one of the most “virulent” Pacquiao critic didn’t agree with the judges decision. From Lady Gaga to Katy Perry to Justin Timberlake and others all tweeted their disgust over the judges decision. Busta Rhymes also tweeted that Bradley should return the belt to Pacquiao because he knows Bradley didn’t won the fight.

Kudos to Busta Rhymes but I don’t think Bradley would agree. Bradley vs Busta in the works perhaps?

Maybe the reason why Pacquaio lost was because Pacquiao vs Bradley II was already in the works even before Pacquiao stepped in the ring to fight Bradley. Check out the photo below.

I knew Bradley and Top Rank spent so much to make this gimmick for a 2nd fight, but I guess the milking-cow folks agreed with it and rigged the judges. MOre fights means more money!

If you have doubts, go see the fight and you’ll see for sure that Bradley got dominated by Pacquiao. Unless, of course, you have the judges expert eyes. For me, Bradley did a hell of a job for standing up and traded punches with Pacquiao, but it was Pacquiao who got the best of him. Unfortunately, the judges were on crack. They should include drug testing Olympic Mayweather style for the judges too.



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