An Epic Dinner at Epic – Boracay, Aklan

Our visit to Boracay – one of the best beaches in the world!

Finally, after traveling across Panay Island from Iloilo to Capiz to Aklan, we finally arrived in Boracay Island via KaliboCaticlan route. Boracay is touted to have one of the best beaches in the world by beach bum pundits, travel magazines and vacation gurus. Having a 5 kilometer stretch of fine white sand, who am I to argue with the rest of the pack.

Despite the beautiful beach, pristine blue waters and breath-taking view of the horizon, Boracay has become a commercial hub of non-stop construction. Buildings are sprouting everywhere like spores within the island and along the coastline.

Boracay used to be a paradise for backpackers and nature lovers, but now it is a haven for party zealots and business hordes as well. Anyway, no matter what, Boracay is still one of the best vacation spots on the planet.



Anyway, when we finally entered our “budget”” hotel (P2000 a night!), the first thing that came to mind is to see the famous beach front. Whenever you see posters of Boracay’s beach front, you’ll be seeing those pretty coconut trees like royal guards saluting to every sun lovers passing by.

However, hidden behind those trees are arrays of buildings and establishments from hotels and restaurants to banks and boutiques, it’s like a one big mall beside the beach. In fact, they do have D’Mall which is… like a mall with sandy floors.

If your planning to stay longer in Boracay and fully enjoy their offerings, make sure you bring a fat wallet because Boracay is expensive. Sure, they do have fast food chains that are cheap and common all over the Philippines, but if you’re on a vacation, might as well enjoy the food you don’t see ever-day in your hometown and neighborhood.

Speaking of food, we found this nice looking restaurant just in front of the D’Mall called Epic. Our eyes popped when we saw Lamb Shanks and we ordered one right away along with Caesar’s Salad. It was our first time to eat a lamb meat and it was… Ayosa oi!!! The exclamation points means what it means. Too bad, the flash batteries were drained and so this is the best we could get from the photo shots.


After 6 days and nights of exploring the wonderful places and great food in our Panay Island tour vacation from Iloilo to Roxas to Kalibo to Boracay, we were glad to end our food trip with a high note thanks to Epic’s Lamb Shanks!

We can’t wait to start another adventure the next time around. Cheers!




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8 responses to “An Epic Dinner at Epic – Boracay, Aklan

  1. Ang ganda naman nakakainget, the place is so beautifully photograph!!! Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. Very well written Yobz. Amado ni.

  3. enjoywithjoy

    I miss Boracay 😦

  4. Boracay sounds slightly pricey but i’d do a double take on the food though!

    • They do have a lot of great places with really good food which may take you a week or even more to explore all of them. If you don’t mind spending a fortune and gaining a ton of weight. πŸ˜€

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