Cafe Laguna – A Sooo Pinoy Search for the Ultimate Food Blogger Round 2 Entry

Hello there, it’s me again and am I glad to be part of the Sooo Pinoy search for the ultimate food blogger round two or what? 🙂 After almost three months of waiting in the wings, witnessing the destructive force that brought both Iligan and Cagayan de Oro to its knees, treading through mud cakes on the street left by a disgruntled mother nature, it’s been a pleasure to finally taste good Pinoy food again and realize that life is such a gift worth living for.

I apologize for the verbal theatrics, but none the less, Cafe Laguna is worthy of being draped with literary ornaments imaginable for having great food on the menu. Before I begin showcasing the mouth watering delicacy we had (me and my girlfriend) for that night, let me tell you first how Cafe Laguna started. It’s actually a classic case of rags to riches type scenario. It started out as a “Carenderia” spearheaded by Lita Urbina who came from a lineage of cooks. Much like Midas who turns everything he touches to gold, Lita Urbina turns everything that she cooks enchantingly sumptuous.

Starting out with 10 tables in an apartment she rented, then later on owning one in Lahug, Cebu, it didn’t took long for her once dubbed Mother’s Best fastfood becoming one of the best restaurants around that serves one of the best Filipino cuisine my tongue laid unto. This time, not only the Cebuanos are able to enjoy such great Filipino cuisine, but also for all Pinoys like us. What a great blessing to have one just near my humble small home city of Iligan: Cafe Laguna in Cagayan de Oro City located at G/F Big R Building, Limketkai Center. Without further ado, here’s the gallery of good stuff:

With Cafe Laguna, I believe this amazing restaurant will make me the next Sooo Pinoy Ultimate Food Blogger qualifier for round 3!


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One response to “Cafe Laguna – A Sooo Pinoy Search for the Ultimate Food Blogger Round 2 Entry

  1. Ana

    Cafe Laguna had a bibingka that was really good! Too bad they’re branch at Limketkai Cagaya de Oro is now closed.

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