To My Beloved Pengpeng.


A year ago, we were simply sharing each other’s day to day events through Facebook chat. It was during this month that we started to become close despite being friends for 5 years. It was this day that I dated a woman, a woman whom I believed was instrumental for leading me to you.

It was during this time that I was praying almost unceasingly in my heart that the Lord will bless me with a woman whom I will love and will love me back for the rest of my life, a woman who will bring joy to my heart as much as I am to hers.  I also yearned to be loved as much as I wanted to love yet for years I received thorns and nails wrapped in a white silk of deceit, but in the midst of heartaches and heartbreaks, little did I know that the Lord already answered my prayer. The answer was just in front of me talking through the chat box.

A year ago, I was simply sharing what’s in my heart, and some bits and pieces of my life to you. Now, a year after, I am sharing my whole heart to you and will be sharing the rest of my life with you.

Happy Valentines Peng!

Me and Pengpeng. ^_^

Roses for Pengpeng! <3<3<3

Ted's cupcakes. Pengpeng's (Leia) favorite. ^___^

Me and Pengpeng enjoying the awesome sunset at Boracay Beach.


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