The Awesome Grilled Pork Belly of Papa Mai’s Grill

Grilled pork belly or “liempo” in the vernacular (the word liempo is actually Chinese in origin) is one dish that everybody here in Iligan City would want to covet … by hook or by crook. Seriously its a favorite Filipino dish that goes perfect with rice, Ceviche or KinilawΒ (in our own native tongue), or other Filipino dishes, a bottle of 1.5 liter coke or some really smoking cold beer.

Now enter Papa Mai’s Liempo! One of the best if not the best grilled pork belly in town located within Pasillo beside Palao’s Shoppe 24 or the Strip at Palao (map here) Iligan City. My girlfriend Leia already blogged about Papa Mai’s so here’s my “behind the scenes” photos of her Papa Mai’s Grill blog post.

The "it used to be hard to reach location" Papa Mai's Grill is now easily accessible. Hallelujah!!!

So here's the grilled pork belly in sizzling action. ^_^

The ever immortalized presence of soy sauce, vinegar, minced or chopped onions, calamansi (not seen), siling labuyo (small, slender chili peppers) and rice. These stuff are perfect for all Filipino dishes. *drool*

Here's the chopped grilled pork belly ready for feasting. That's just one plate of many plates. One for each.

Yep! ready to attack! Yeah!!!

Here's the rest of the gang that day. Leia's IT friends and batchmates.

If you want to know more then you can read Leia’s blog post about Papa Mai’s Grill here so please check it out and enjoy!


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