Flamoo Burgers!!!

Okay, It’s been like 3 months I haven’t posted anything here in my blog because I have been quite busy or should I say insanely busy. I don’t want to let this blog die into oblivion so what’s the best way to revive this blog? Burgers!!!! Well, there’s this new small burger joint in town that me and my girlfriend had to check it out. Oh, and that was almost two months ago. My girlfriend actually blogged about it (she wants to be a food and travel blogger). Her blog is more specific and she can critique food way better than I do. So what I’ll be doing in this post is more of a “behind the scene” look of her blog post about Flamoo. So here are the photos of us enjoying our time eating Flamoo burgers and so on.

Here's how it looks on the outside when the sun is down. The orange lights looks like its ready to grill some 100% beef patties.

It was actually our 4th monthsarry and we decided to had our dinner date at Flamoo and what a dinner date that was. ^_^

Happy 4th monthsarry!!! ^___^

My Princess! ^___^

If you want to know the name of the burgers and other Flamoo food we ate that night, you can check out my girlfriend Leia‘s blog here or you can go directly to their Flamoo Facebook page. Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Flamoo Burgers!!!

  1. piskot na burger nah, di na ko mu usab, di ko kahurot hahaha

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