Cagayan de Oro Cosplay Event 2011 Episode Two

The Red Cup Cake Wonder

So what’s wrong with the picture? Well, we were simply staring at the Red cupcake we just ate. There was really something odd about the red cupcake that has glued our inquisitive minds and discriminating eyes to it.

We were wondering if it contained some magical properties that would turn us into a frog once we had a reckless abandon munching to its poor existence. So okay, my mind went off the track. hehe .. Actually the cupcake tasted really good. It tasted better than their strawberry shortcake.

and Jesus came ... he's at the right

Finally Jesus came and he did not come down from heaven with archangels, he just came by the entrance door.  Here we are posing with Jesus because anytime soon he might ascend back to heaven or a bunch of angels will snatch him away from us. XD

Taxi with GPS

 We took another taxi and this time it has some GPS. COOL! I wonder if he really relies on it.

with Badi and Ari

We met Ari at Lim Ket Kai Mall, bought some stuff then sat a while at Bo’s Coffee while waiting for our gelato nearby. Badi was there too but only for a few minutes because he was just passing by.

Cosplay at SM CDO

After a P200 taxi fare from Lim Ket Kai Mall to SM City CDO, we finally arrived at the Cosplay event which was held in the parking lot at the back of the mall.  It was my first time attending the Cosplay event and it was awesome. Ari’s first time too and being an anime nuthead, he was drooling. *Laughs* XD

Iron Man and Death

Us with Iron Man and Death. The Iron Man costume is really neat and nicely done. Mr. Starks was probably cooked medium rare inside that suit though. Death was extraordinarily friendly that day. In fact he was too friendly it was kinda creepy. Death was actually bewitched by Leia‘s steam punk goggles to the point he asked her upfront if he could buy it right there and then. I didn’t know Death could be that audacious and nerdy just for a goggle. I bet nobody died that day.

with Cloud

Us with Cloud of Final Fantasy. I’m amazed how he got his sword made or was it him making the sword? I wonder because most cosplayers I know spend so much time, effort and money just to make the accessories of the characters they want to cosplay. It has to have the closest details as possible. His sword is nothing compared to mine. You see that pillar behind us and you thought its a pillar? That’s just the scabbard! XD

More Cosplayer characters. I’m not really sure who these cosplayers were portraying but they look good with their costumes anyway. Actually, I also wonder if anime creators have this fixation for anything skimpy when it comes to anything female. Thank you anime creators. Haha! XD

Leia my PengPeng

Here’s my beautiful princess PengPeng cosplaying herself. Many wondered who she was cosplaying but she was cosplaying nobody. But her cool getup could be an awesome concept for some new character in some new anime movie or series. ^_^

Anime Couple

This couple is Leia’s good friends. The guy was one of the host of the event. I have no idea which character they’re cosplaying but still they look great with their blazing colored costume. Imagine if it becomes the norm fashion ten years from now. Car crashes would skyrocket.

Cosplayer from Davao City

She’s a well-known cosplayer from Davao City. I don’t know her name but Leia showed me some of her photoshoots in the net and I can tell that she really spends a lot for the elaborate costumes. She looks strikingly stunning but in contrast with the guy beside her. Seriously, a monstrous alien head-gear will not help win the war against terror.

Teriyaki Boy

After the Cosplay, we decided to grab some chow in a small Japanese restaurant called Teriyaki Boy at the ground floor of SM City CDO.

Leia and the Menu

She can't wait to order.

Leia looking beautiful and great as always. Behind the smile was a stomach crying out for food. She’s always hungry like that. *Peace* XD

Sapporo Ramen

We got ourselves some nice and warm Saporro Ramen. Not as big as the menu pictures but it was alright. Ramen is Naruto’s favorite by the way.  “Ita daki mas!!!

Kani Salad

We also had some Kani Salad. It has too much mayo but I found it good.

Chuuka Ramen

Ari got himself some Chuuka Ramen. Looks really good. ^_^

Perfect Match! ^_^

After Teriyaki Boy, we went home satisfied from our Cosplay journey. By the way, this trip was also our 2nd monthsary late celebration. ^___^

That’s a wrap!


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