Cagayan de Oro Cosplay Event 2011 Episode One

The Taxi Photo Express

It was a good Saturday morning (071611). There was no rain and yes there was no killjoy rain to ruin the day. We just came from a tiring hour and half trip from Iligan City. Actually, it was an excruciating two hour travel because of road repairs along the way that didn’t need repairs at all.

So when we arrived at the bus terminal, our destination in mind was somewhere near Xavier University. We had to meet Jesus because we needed a savior to save us from our whining stomachs. Please Jesus, make that cake grow and multiply. Oh I’m talking to Jesus Montajes, not Jesus of Nazareth.  So there we were snapping some photos of ourselves while taking a LIMO ride to Divisoria St.  ;p

The Sweet Shop

So as soon as we were on our way to Divisoria St. where it’s just in front of Xavier University, we decided to wait for Jesus at Sweet Shop. It’s a small place with a handful of treats like cakes, pastries and the likes. It’s a lovely place actually and looks really neat and tidy in contrast with the bustling street outside.


They have these cool display for their pastries that looks really vintage or maybe its the photo effect but yes its cool none the less. Most of all its air-conditioned which is very important to this ever scorching tropical heat blanketing the day. If it’s not the heat that would make your day bad as hell, it’s the tropical rain that would wash away your happiness.

Who's that .... Brown Bag??

Obviously I’m the one who took this shot and being a noob, I forgot to adjust the lens. Leia was out of focus and instead I had a good shot at the brown bag in the background. How inspiring. *sigh*As you can see, Leia is near celebrating as she readies herself for the Sweet Shop’s Strawberry Shortcake while we waited for her friend (now my friend also) Jesus. The cake was good but not as good as what we expected for a price tag of P65.

Leia aka PengPeng and the Strawberry Shortcake

Nevertheless,  Leia my PengPeng the ultra-pretty steam-punk princess was happy gobbling the cake with one bite, she almost decapitated both forks. I’m just kidding PengPeng. I love you! *mwah*



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